Youngevity University
The 7 Youngevity Programs

Pick Which Programs Interest You

1. Healthy Body Program- This program is for people who want to fix any existing health problems, prevent any future health problems, and achieve optimal health.  For more information visit

2. Be The Change Program- As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Change starts with YOU. Be the type of person that sets a great example for others to follow. Do Random Acts of Kindness every day and support the YOUngevity "Be The Change" program by putting products from the "Be The Change" section on your autoship every month. Proceeds go to various charities that Youngevity donates to. For more information visit

3. Free With 3 Program- This is our refer 3 and yours is free program! Just refer 3 new people to start the 90 For Life products this month and you will receive a $125 product credit and $145 "Thank You" check from Dr. Wallach in the mail... that's $270 for just helping 3 people get healthier this month!  For more information visit

4. Free Car Program- You pick the car, you pick the color, and Youngevity will make the payments!  For more information visit

5. Free Cruise Program- Every year Youngevity takes their Top Achievers on a free 7 day dream cruise… learn how you and your family can qualify for this free dream cruise every year by going to

6. Live Your Dream Program- What does your dream life look like? This program will teach you exactly how you can Live Your Dream life by helping other people live their dream life!  For more information visit

7. Personal Growth Program-  People buy into YOU than they buy into Youngevity.  Therefore it is critical to grow YOU every day so that your business will grow.  Become the type of person that other people want to follow.  
For more information visit

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