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The Plan - Step 9
So far we have...
1. Found this prospect and put their name on our Master Prospect List at
2. Invited them to have coffee with us by sending them a text message (
3. Properly shared the Brilliant Compensation recording with them
4. Followed Up with them and got them to see the Optimal Health Presentation and Vitamin M
5. Enrolled them using
6. Now we have to Coach them on how to get from where they are to living their dream life

Step #5 on is... Have Your New Member Print Out the CEO MAP at

Hold your new members hand and hold them accountable for putting a checkmark next to all 30 steps

Every 7 days check back with your new member
1. Find out how much progress they have made on their CEO MAP Checklist 
2. Have them fill out a weekly review at

Interpreting The Results From The Weekly Review

Let's assume their points are low for this training call

People only do things to either gain pleasure of avoid pain
Their Whys Are EVERYTHING!

Why does Sheryl take Justice to soccer 3 times a week? 

Why am I following my Keto Diet so well now and Exercising 7 Days a week? 
Am I eating so well and exercising so much to gain pleasure or avoid pain?  
Because I don't want to look fat on the beach 
The fear of looking fat on the beach is the reason why I am eating so well and exercising so much 
Did I changed my priorities?
Did I become more disciplined?? 

The grandmother that lifts a car off of her trapped granddaughter

People want to be part of this 90 For Life Crusade... that is their why! 

Let's discuss the "Lack of Time" excuse because everyone is going to try and play this card.  
We are all extremely busy.  Time is NEVER the problem because we ALL have the same exact 24 hours in a day.

The average person spends 35 hours a week watching TV
The average person is on Facebook for a total of 50 minutes per day (5.8 hours per week)
The average person is in their car driving over a hour a day (17,600 minutes a year) 
It's not a lack of time, it's not a lack of discipline, it's not a lack of priorities, it is a lack of a big enough WHY!

Why do all of us send our electric bill in on time?

I promise you that your business partners will do all 10 of these Daily Habits every day once they figure out what their whys are

Is your life perfect?
What is it that you are unsatisfied with??
What are you afraid of?  Focus on fears that drive you!!

My #1 fear is having to get a job 
I am afraid of being either dead or dead broke at 65 (95% of people land up here)

Sheryl's big fear is that if she doesn't share the message and coach people every day people will never hear this message and they will land up dead or dead broke at 65 

If the whys are big enough....
People will listen to the recordings and learn the "how"
People will be disciplined to do all 10 things every day
People will change their priorities so they can get these 10 things done every day 
People will find the time to do these 10 things every day
People will find the money to do this 
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