Business Plan

The Business PlanN
2 Ways To Become A CEO
1. Purchase a CEO Pack
2. Purchase a $25 Membership and 500 QV of products at 1 time or over time

So let’s say I enroll Sheryl today… she pays the $25 for a Youngevity membership, purchase $170 worth of products, and goes on autoship for those same products… after 3 months of getting 170 QV of products every month she would have accumulated over 500 QV and she would become CEO Qualified!

People can choose how fast they want to become a CEO

100 QV/mo would take you 5 months
500 QV in your first month it would take you 1 month
(Note: If your new member goes below 100 QV per month they will lose the 30% quick start bonus)

The 2 main things you get from becoming CEO qualified are...
1. Car Bonus
2. TAC Vacations (

You also get the Coding Bonus but the coding bonus is only paid out when someone purchases a designated CEO pack

Our Business Plan Is Focus on Building RMDs
Based On Members Purchasing 170 QV/mo (150 BV) 
Month 1= 3 New Members= 510 QV Total
Month 2= 9 New Members= 1,530 In New QV= $2,040 QV Total
Month 3= 27 New Members= 4,590 In New QV= $6,630 QV Total
(you only need 5,400 QV in your first 3 levels to be a SEMD!!)
In your first month you would be an Regional Marketing Director (RMD)
In your second month you would be an Executive Marketing Director (EMD)
In your third month you would be a Sr. Executive Marketing Director (SEMD)
Counting yourself, you would have 40 people on your team after 90 days!

So you are looking for 3 people who are willing to pay the one time $25 membership fee and who are willing to find 3 people who are willing to pay the one time $25 membership fee

With This Business Plan...
In 3 months ANYONE can make it to SEMD (Print our SEMD worksheet at
In 6 months ANYONE can make it to VP
Build 3 more legs and make it to Vice Chairman
Build 3 more legs (9 total) and make it to Sr. Vice Chairman
Just focus on building 3 legs at a time and you can make it to the TOP of the company!!

If you enroll 3 people in a calendar month on a Healthy Body Pack your HBP will be free the next month! ($125 credit)

If you enroll 4 new members per month in your first 3 months (12 total) you will be a Car Qualified SEMD in 3 months!

If you continue to enroll new members every month you will qualify to go on our TAC Vacation for FREE!

Success Loves Speed
You can now build a multi-million dollar business here at Youngevity for only $25!!
The question is how fast do you want to achieve your dreams?
Aggressive Business Builders will set a goal to enroll 1 new person every week (3 in a month gets you a FREE HBP)

Be Persistent And Be Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Find Your 3 Business Builders! 
We Are Here For Residual Income... We Want To Build A Strong Business That Is Built To Last!

Even if 90% of everything you do to build your Youngevity goes wrong you could still be making $6,158 per month 6 months from now!

Imagine making an extra $6,000 every month! 

You CAN Do This!!
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