The Plan - Step 5
Invite someone on your list to meet with you either face-to-face or on the phone 

The best way to invite someone to meet with you is to text them or send them an instant message on Facebook

"Hello Joe!  is there any chance we can connect this week and meet for coffee?"


"Hello Joe!  Is there any chance we can connect on the phone this week?"

"People Don't Care What You Know Until They Know How Much You Care"

Online Weekly Calendars 
1. iCloud
2. Google
3. Yahoo

Or use a paper weekly calendar (buy the weekly schedule planner that has 15 min increments)

3 Types of Appointments In Your Weekly Schedule
1. Initial appointments (get to know them, do an evaluation, share a recording)
2. Follow appointments (take them to the next exposure)
3. Coaching appointments (help them make progress on the lag measure)

I can tell how much money you are making with Youngevity just by looking at your weekly schedule
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