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Youngevity University
Enrollment Options

There are 3 different ways to enroll in Youngevity.  

Option 1- Enroll As A Preferred Customer For Free

- This is the best option if all you want to do is get healthier

- You are eligible to receive free shipping on any autoship order $50 or higher

- You will not receive a membership kit

- You will be unable to get a paycheck 

Option 2- Enroll As A $25 Member

- You are eligible to receive a paycheck 

- You will receive a membership kit

- You are NOT eligible to receive the Coding Bonus 

- You are NOT eligible to receive the Car Bonus

- You are NOT eligible to receive any Stock Options

Option 3- Enroll As A CEO

- By far the best way to join Youngevity

- The $25 membership fee is waved 

- You will receive over $600 worth of products for $500

- You will be eligible to receive all of Youngevity's Compensation Bonuses

- This CEO Mega Pack and all business expenses are 100% tax deductible 
We find that most people want to just start out as a Preferred Customer so they can use the products to get healthier.  Once you experience results with the products we recommend purchasing a CEO Mega Pack so you can receive all the compensation benefits from Youngevity.  If you want to make extra money with Youngevity purchasing a CEO Mega Pack is a must!

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