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Paul Kroto's Tip Of The Day

28. 6/18/15- Listen to my recording for Personal Growth Law #3... The Law of The Mirror... Go To GrowWithPaul.com

27. 6/15/15- Watch this brand new Dr. Wallach 90 For Life Video and share it with everyone you know... http://www.ygyuniversity.com/90-for-life

26. 6/10/15- Listen to my recording for Personal Growth Law #2... The Law of Awareness... Go to GrowWithPaul.com

25. 6/3/15- Listen to my recording for Personal Growth Law #1... The Law of Intentionality... Go to GrowWithPaul.com

24. 6/2/15- Become intentional about growing yourself. Today I am releasing my Personal Growth Program. The program is at YUGrowthProgram.com - Work through the 100 Level, 200 Level, 300 Level, and 400 Level resources to become a TOP leader in Youngevity and achieve your dream life!

23. 5/21/15- Start a Gratitude Journal... Buy a new paper notebook or start a word document on your computer/phone and label it "My Gratitude Journal"... Then every day write "Thank You God For ________". Think of at least 1 thing every day that you are grateful for and record it. This daily exercise will make you feel good and it will end up bringing more good things into your life!

22. 5/20/15- Listen to this recording of Scott Fardulis talking about "An Enemy Called Average" based on the Bible Verse Revelation 3:16... "So, because you are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold--I am about to spit you out of my mouth."... this is a MUST LISTEN TO RECORDING... click here

21. 5/18/15- Starting on 6/2 I will be hosting the Tuesday morning Daily Dose calls and my main focus will be helping you with your Personal Growth! I will be going through the book "The 15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth" so please get that book by 6/2 so you can follow along on Tuesday mornings!! I want to help you reach your potential :) Click here to buy it on Amazon. 

20. 5/14/15- Buy this aromatherapy book... it is absolutely AMAZING!!  Click here

19. 5/13/15- According to the United States Department Of Health and Human Services 180,000 People Per Year Are Killed By Prescriptions. That's 15,000 Per Month -- 500 Per Day -- 1 Every 3 Minutes"... We Have A Better Way... Now Lets Tell The World About It... it is critical that you watch this short video... click here

18. 5/12/15- Get Into The "B" Quadrant... listen to this life changing recording by Robert Kiyosaki... click here

17. 5/11/15- Claim Your Dream! EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington... click here

16. 5/8/15- Download this incredible Essential Oils Brochure... click here

15. 5/7/15- Create Leverage in your life.  You will NEVER be able to design your own schedule and have total time freedom until you create leverage in your life.  Watch and share this extremely powerful video http://CreateTrueLeverage.com 

14. 5/6/15- Compliment people! Always be looking for ways to give a genuine compliment to at least 2 people every day... it will completely change your life! When you choose to compliment people it shows the love and good nature you reflect within your own heart. 

13. 5/5/15- Take extra Selenium every day (300mg per 100 lbs).  Click here to find out why this mineral is so critical to your health.

12. 5/4/14- Get Motivated! Watch this weeks Motivation Monday Video by clicking here

11. 4/30/15- Buy a Keurig Coffee Maker!  In May 2015 Youngevity will become the first direct sales company to carry K-cups!  We are also the only direct sales company to bring you top of the line gourmet coffee "Field To Cup"!!  More info to come.  You can purchase a good Keurig Coffee Maker on Amazon.com for under $100 click here.

10. 4/29/15- Get Serious! Click here to watch this short video

9. 4/28/15- Listen to my introduction to the 15 Laws of Personal Growth... click here

8. 4/27/15- Leading with a "Health First" Approach can lead to an ENORMOUS income... I got an email from Todd Falcone this weekend and here is what it said...

Todd interviewed 4 retired school teachers who are each making over $20,000/mo… one is making over $100,000/mo!

These 4 ladies are all doing the same thing…
1. They keep things really SIMPLE and follow a SYSTEM.  

2. They've exercised PATIENCE through the process. The top earner in that group took TWO YEARS to get to $2,000 a month.

3. They LEAD with the product. So many people are absolutely on FIRE with their business because they are LEADING WITH THE PRODUCT.

Tip of the day… Stay obsessed with sharing a Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD every day with someone new (20/mo) and overtime you will see those seeds that you plant turn into money trees!

7. 4/24/15- Be Fearless.. click here to watch this great motivational short video.

6. 4/23/15- Decide today how much you are worth per hour.  I firmly believe that you are worth at least $100/hr ($4,000/wk... $17,200/mo) Click here to watch this short video on why I think you are worth this much.

5. 4/21/15- Drastically improve your sleep by taking some Bio Nite before you go to bed.  I mix 2 droppers of Bio Nite with 1oz Osteo-Fx and 1oz of OJ right before I go to bed and I sleep like a log every night!  I guarantee you will sleep better too!!  You can purchase Bio Nite in your Youngevity back office Item #: USBI000006. It is the perfect item to add onto your autoship!!

3. 4/17/15- Buy this Paleo Hot Cereal... mix in some stevia and ground cinnamon... it tastes FANTASTIC!  I have it every morning with my eggs! Gluten Free and only 1.5 grams of net carbs per serving!!

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